Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Acrylic Silhouette Painting

  I graduated from the School of Architecture a few months ago, and before beginning my job hunt I decided to go spend some time with my sister in Canada and help her move into her new apartment in Bellevue, Washington for her new job. I stayed there for about two months.
During my stay, my sister asked me to do a colorful painting to hang on the wall of her living room, as all the furniture was black and she needed to add a little color. I decided to paint a silhouette of her and her fiancé with bright acrylic colors.
Of course I had no idea how I was gonna do that since I had only used acrylics on the surfboard I designed about a year ago! But it was time to try and learn something new :)
I headed to Micheal's and bought a set of paint brushes, some paint, a palette, and a canvas. And then I did the following steps:
(I apologize for the bad quality of the photos, I used my phone to take them.. which was not such a good idea)

Draw the outlines in pencil.
I picked the photo I wanted from their engagement session and I drew the outlines on the canvas using an HB pencil.

Pick the colors.
I started choosing the colors I preferred, like I said I wanted to go for brighter colors such as yellow, pink, green, blue, etc. And I started applying each in a certain part of the drawing and blending it in with the next.

Apply more colors, blending them into each other.

And when I was finished with my silhouettes, I went for the background.
I used just plain black acrylic paint with a little bit of water. The tricky part was the outline around the silhouettes, but I tried to be as accurate as possible.

Since my sister had just moved in, we didn't have much furniture and I had to use cartons as a stand for my canvas and as a table :D Here's how my work station looked like.

Eventually I think it turned out good considering I am not at all experienced with acrylic paint! :D Here's the final result, although the paint wasn't completely dry so you'll see some bright areas in the black paint but that's just because of the reflection of the light.

Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Hogwarts Sweatshirt

Hi everybody!

I have a friend who's into Harry Potter a lot (who isn't, really) and it was her birthday so I decided to make something Harry Potter-related for her :)

Since my friend goes to Medical School but always wanted to actually go to Hogwarts, here's what I decided to write on her shirt : Medical School, because Hogwarts didn't accept me. I had stumbled upon something like this and liked it!

Tools used:
-I went and bought a very normal plain grey sweatshirt that should be her size, hopefully!
-I used a Sharpie Laundry marker so that it won't come out when washed. Personally I would recommend hand washing your garment because otherwise the markings fade out bit by bit through every (machine) wash.
-A 30 cm ruler
-White chalk
-2B pencil

So here's how it went:
I downloaded the Harry Potter font from the internet, opened Word and typed the sentence I wanted to write.
Then using chalk and a ruler, I drew on the shirt the boxes where each word would go, specifying the size and length of each one.
Then I slowly copied each letter and each word into its place with a pencil, making sure everything would fit.
Last step, I went over them all with the Sharpie marker, being as accurate as possible to really get the Hogwarts effect on the letters.
That's it, when I was finished I simply rubbed the chalk out of the fabric and added the small Harry Potter glasses and scar :)

There you go, easy Harry Potter fan gift!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pencil Sketch - Curves

It's been a long while since I sketched something quick and today I was in the mood so I browsed deviantArt till I bumped into this beautiful shot. I was inspired and here's my little sketch of it :)

Tools used:
2H to 6B pencils

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Engagement Party Dress!!

Hello fellows!
Just recently I got engaged!!!!! ^_^

Yeah still having a hard time believing it :D It's an amazing feeling, kinda makes me feel older though :D But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to tell u about my engagement party dress.
I toured many stores and took my time to look for a dress I feel really satisfied with... Of course, that never happened! So instead, I decided to come up with my own unique design and have it tailored to suit me comfortably. And that's where the story begins!

I wanted to look for inspiration and get some ideas of what's new in the fashion industry. Of course, I started with Pinterest! It's such an amazing website, has tons of ideas and inspirations for about pretty much anything in the world.
Anyway, I pinned a bunch of beautiful gowns and dresses and then settled (finally!) on just one idea. Actually it was a mix of two ideas.
I used the upper half of this design,

mixed with the length and lower half of this one.

I also wanted to choose some bright summery colors, and just loved the combination of those two ocean-like colors.
(I don't own any of those photos/designs I just found them surfing the internet and Pinterest)

I made a few sketches, bought the fabric and went to the tailor. I added the beaded ribbon on the waistline to give it some bling. The final result was pretty satisfying, although some minor details didn't go so well with the tailor, overall I loved it! =)

Here is how it looked on the front:

And here's the back:

My point is, it's really a good idea to make ur own design and wear it :) especially if u can actually sew well and make it yourself! You can be your own brand designer :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hey guys, here's my latest drawing!

This was my first time to draw with soft charcoal!! I have to say.. I LOVED IT!!! the shades become very easy to apply and handle, u can get darker tones than with graphite.. ahhh I just loved the experience :love: :clap:

Tools used:
-Hard and soft charcoal
-HB, B and 2B pencils
-Kneaded eraser
-normal eraser

Monday, September 03, 2012

Surfboard Design

A friend of mine had this white surfboard and asked me to design sth on it. He had a few requirements, like the two quotes and the choice of colors.
I used underwater creatures to doodle. The coloring part was amazing! I used acrylics.
It took me about 4 to 5 days to draw the whole thing in pencil then in black marker then paint.
I enjoyed it A LOT!! I had never doodled on something this big before :D